Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park

I posted a piece about the Haiti earthquake last week, and mentioned (at length) the earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 1985. I included a photo of a monument put up at one end or Alameda park, marking the spot where a hotel came down, killing many of those inside the building. I looked around the net for more info on that hotel, and discovered that behind the park is a small museum, Museo Mural Diego Rivera. All these years I’ve been living in Mexico City, all those times I’ve walked past that spot, and I’ve never once noticed it.

It is, in my defense, a fairly plain and innocuous building. Not a place to catch your eye.  From the outside, anyway. On the inside…that is a different matter. It houses a huge mural, one of Rivera’s finest. One I’ve seen images of many a time. But never the real thing, till today. I parted with the 15 peso entry fee, paid an extra 5 pesos to allow me to use my camera, and checked it out. The (rather poor quality) panoramic photo I took of the famous mural is below. It was previously housed in the destroyed hotel, and was one of the few things salvaged, restored and put back on display. The photos I took can be seen on Flickr by clicking here.

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