Eighteen Reasons

Most of the places around the world I’ve ever been to, I picked because I saw a photo that made me want to see more. Someone’s photo earned that country my tourist £’s. So I created a gallery on Flickr of the city I’m currently living in, with 18 reasons to visit. Well, photos were chosen partly because they represent the city, and partly because I liked the photos. And it was fun to produce. Click here to see the full gallery.

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  • Great post! Might copy your idea for a future collage of my own. My favorite is of the puesto en el mercado. Lower right. I love the marketplace smells….epazote, mole, the hanging chickens…I try to stay away from pork these days, but love the thinly sliced ham you can get from the butchers. Not to mention all of the available cheeses. Sorry, close to lunch time up here.

    • There’s a few there that would definitely make great postcards. In fact some of the museums I visit would do well to check out Flickr for photos to turn into postcards – some of the ones they have at the moment are terrible.

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