Subcomandante Marcos Postcard

My visit to the Museo de Dolores Olmedo, which I blogged about a couple of days ago, had just one minor disappointment. The postcards. They had plenty of nice postcards of Frida Kahlo paintings and other places in Mexico City. But just one of the museum itself. And frankly, it was a rubbish postcard. The photo was so poor, if I’d taken it, I’d have deleted it. It would never have seen the light of day on my Flickr account.

So I bought this one instead, which fits the revolutionary theme of my blog nicely. In that I’ve recently blogged about Zapata and recently changed the banner on the blog especially for the Bicentenario. Want it? It can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment to claim it – first come first served. Then use the Contact page of the blog to write me an email to let me know where you want me to send it. And it’ll soon be on its way. Has it already been claimed? Perhaps there are some other cards yet to be claimed – have a look at the Postcards page.

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