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My blog is the non personal online diary of my life in Mexico. It’s neither about me, nor Mexico, but of both together. Mas o menos. If you get what I mean. But other people tune in too, from time to time, and not just my mum. Blogging has its benefits. I think I’ve built a little place on the web that has plenty of information that is of use to others. Perhaps it could even be said to have its own little community, with the same old faces commenting again and again. And it is, of course, a record of my wanderings across the country that I can refer back to.

But blogging has other benefits. A couple of years ago a couple of Englishmen happened to be coming over to Mexico to climb a few mountains, just before my own attempt on Izta. And they kindly rescued my adventure by bringing with them a pair of Gringo sized boots. Yesterday I met another person coming into Mexico from the US, who kindly brought with him a camera for me. The mysterious Mr K, a long time faceless presence on my blog, providing many of my posts with better context and explanations with his informed comments. Anyway, the same camera would have cost me more than twice the amount I paid had I purchased it in Mexico. I’ve thanked him profusely, of course. And once more – gracias amigo!

Anyway, I’m now a very happy chappy, in possession of my brand new Panasonic FZ35. I’ve written a few posts on my photography blog, First Impressions, a review and one with a short video sample, as well as uploading a few shots from my first 24 hours with the camera onto Flickr – click here to see those. Hopefully I’ll get to post many more photos in the coming months and years! The photo below was the first I took, inside a hotel in the centre of Mexico City.

Up And Away

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