A Week With The FZ35

The Inspection

I’m really enjoying my new Panasonic FZ35. I’ve already taken plenty of photos and a few videos and have learned a few things. Firstly, I’m getting a lot of blown highlights. That’s pretty much the fault of the photographer, not the camera. I’ve stuck the cam into Aperture mode with the aperture at f2.8 which is perhaps letting in just a little too much light. As per the photo below with the rather blown clouds. I just need to practise a little.

The video quality can be pretty good though, but I have to remember that I am using a compact camera and not a camcorder and to respect its limitations. Panning isn’t a good idea, and if I do pan, I must do it slowly. I will also soon e investing in a Gorillapod to supplement my monopod. But overall the camera has turned out some very crisp photos, with decently controlled noise levels at low light. That’s where the f2.8 setting comes in handy, especially when compared to the f3.3 on my old TZ5.

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