I’ve often looked at alternative ways of viewing Flickr. Because Flickr is so popular and has an open API system that allows people to build apps and all sorts, there have been plenty of different viewing possibilities for years. Many of them these days seem to be built as an Adobe Air app, and most focus on displaying photos on a black background.

To be honest, none have really gotten me hooked. Firstly, I don’t really want to use Adobe Air apps…I want it to work in my browser.  Seeing photos on a black background is ok, but I’m not that fussed. Although some photos do look much nicer that way. And a lot of them either run slowly, or miss out on features I would like.

But I have found a Flickr app I like a lot. Fluidr works in my browser, displays on black, but most importantly presents Flickr in a way I like. The photos are the right size, it has the rights info and important EXIF info displayed, the details, the ability to fave, comment and view in Flickr and more. I find it a really good way to keep up with what my contacts have uploaded and in finding photos for my Posterous blog. It also has a couple of useful bookmarklets – one to let you see a photo in Flickr within Fluidr, and the other to create a link to a photo in Fluidr.

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