I came across Trippermap today by accident – I was actually looking for (and later found) a different Flickr map app. But I was intrigued and gave it a go. It took a few hours after I had signed up for the email to tell me my photos had been sorted and the map produced, but the result is actually very cool. The map is embeddable as both a Javascript embed and a non JS embed. Sadly, neither of those options work on, which is very strict about what sort of coding is allowed on blogs. Happily, VodPod recognised the map as a video and that has enabled me to embed the map here. Seems to work just fine!

I have got the free, and therefore limited, version of the map. The upgrade is just under $10 a year which isn’t much for what is a nice app, if you have a real use for it. Sadly, I earn in Mexican pesos, and not many of them. How depressing that $10 is out of my reach – I would, genuinely, consider purchasing it. Maybe next year…

[vodpod id=Video.3346918&w=600&h=430&fv=nsid%3D49467596%40N00]

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