The San Fernando Cemetery

Near Metro Hidalgo in the Centro Historico is a cemetery for the good and great (or at least wealthy enough to buy their way in) which has long had its mysteries (see Jesus Chairez’ recent post) and reported hauntings. I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination) a religious chap, nor am I into ghosts, ghouls and other paranormal events and incidents.

But sometimes, once every now and again, you come across something that you can’t quite explain. I’m sure there is a perfectly rational explanation into what I saw at the cemetery this afternoon. And, thankfully, I wasn’t the only one to see it, so I’m not raving mad – the cemetery is often busy with visitors, most of whom come to pay their respects at the grave of one of the most famous presidents of Mexican history, Benito Juarez.

I’m not even quite sure how I’d describe it, although several other visitors seemed to know exactly what to call it. But as I said, I have different beliefs than the average Mexican. I noticed, almost out of the corner of my eye, the sun shining bright rays through between two enormous tombs, and just for a moment an image appeared. It was translucent, seemingly made of smoke perhaps. Hard to describe. But very visible and the outline was clearly that of a person. And then, as several people shouted….it disappeared. A person? Several people ran behind the tomb the image had been next to. Nothing.  Very weird. The general consensus was that it was a ghost. Bah humbug. The sun and perhaps too much tequila for some of them. The ghost of Benito Juarez? I was waiting for someone to say exactly that. I wasn’t disappointed…someone took the cue.

I really thought nothing more of it. Just a trick of the sun. But when I got home, and started going through the video I had shot, there was, oh so briefly, that image captured on my camera. I had just been walking around taking video, as I often do. I have reviewed the video at least a hundred times this evening. I still cannot quite explain what I recorded. Benito Juarez? I really don’t think so. A ghost of some sort? I guess…well who knows? There is something there, that’s for sure, and even though the image quality isn’t brilliant, it has a very human shape. And it moves. Really, I can’t explain it. Feel free to try and do so if you want to. You’ll need to wait till somewhere around one minute and thirty seconds into the video, although perhaps you can see something I have missed that I shot before then. I had my camera pointed in that general direction several times.

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