Tula Postcard

Here’s another postcard up for grabs, for anyone who might wander past this page. If you want this postcard, leave a comment quickly. First come, first served. Anyone who hasn’t claimed one before can claim it. Just leave a comment and tell me what address to post it to using the Contact form. Anywhere in the world is fine.  As easy as that. No strings attached. Well….I may ask a small, but non obligatory  favour! If this card is already claimed, you can check the Postcards page and see if there are any others available.

  • kwallek

    Calakmul is one of the nicest ruins I have visited. It is located in a giant nature preserve at the end of a long twisty road in some old growth timber. The air smells like copal. I would call it a large tier one site in the Maya cities that I have visited. Worth a road trip.

    • That’s one I’ve long hoped to see, along with Tikal in Guatemala. My days in Mexico for now are numbered, but I hold out hope that one day…

  • Miguel

    Beautiful Mexico!
    I wish to return to Mexico by the end of this year. My goal is to visit the various ruins and temples of Mexico.