Shoot For The Moon

Since buying my new Panasonic FZ35, I’d been meaning to try and take a few photos of the moon. Test that 18x zoom lens. I finally got around to it the other night, from my back yard. It also gave me the opportunity of comparing the results to some photos I took of the moon a few years back with my old Nikon Coolpix 8700. A battle between a 12mp, stabilized 18x Panny and an 8mp, 8x zoom 6 year old Nikon. The result? The two shots on the left are the Panasonic. Much clearer and more detailed – especially when viewed large. The Nikon image, in fairness, is more heavily cropped. Of course neither matches a DSLR with a decent lens. You can see one of the FZ35 shots in large by clicking here, and the Nikon by clicking here.

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