World Cup Give Away #3

Here’s the latest freebie that I’m giving away to one lucky person. The official Mexico edition guide to the World Cup in South Africa. A whopping 192 pages of info, history and more on the big event. Lots of details on all the teams too, including this rather odd photo of the Ghana team. There’s no explanation as to their rather odd pose. A million jokes and bits of innuendo spring to mind though! But none are terribly clean or politically correct. Perhaps they have just developed a habit of coming from behind in matches.

Anyway – a generous gift is this, seeing as it cost me 69 pesos. And even though I might read some of it first, I’ll be sending it in pristine condition! No dog ears. Like new. Do you want it? Whoever you are, wherever in the world you are, it can be yours. So long as you live outside Mexico. Remember, it is all in Spanish. No tricky questions to answer, or conditions to fulfil. All you got to do is leave a comment on this post to claim it. Then send me an email through my Contact page to tell me where to send it. And I’ll pop it in the post.

If it’s already been claimed, perhaps there’s another Give Away item still waiting to be claimed. See the widget in the side bar. At the time of writing, the Mexico Flag remains unspoken for.

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