World Cup Fantasy League

I’ve started a World Cup Fantasy League, to which anyone and everyone passing through here is invited. I intend to invite my Facebook and Twitter friends too. Feel free to do the same. The more the merrier! It’s not a normal Fantasy League. No choosing players. That never works brilliantly in my opinion in these sort of tournaments. Instead it’s a league where you pick the results and scores of each game, and get points awarded according to how good your predictions are.

Not really a footy fan? Join in anyway! There really is as much luck as there is skill to this. It’s all just for fun. Oh, and maybe bragging rights too. And it is dead simple. First you choose whether it’ll be a win, draw or loss. Then you predict the actual score. I’ve gone with the Yahoo league because, well just because it’s set up nicely and I like Yahoo’s sports coverage. And a lot of people already have a Yahoo ID.

To join my league all you need to do is go to the main page by clicking here, and enter the password to join the Mexile League. Which is mexile. I couldn’t have made it easier. Hope to see some of you there.

Edit: My instructions on joining may not work. Do this instead…

Go to the Home Page (sign up if you need to, then return to the Homepage) and you should have a screen just like the one in my screen shot above.
In the Overview Bar, you have three options. Create a Pick Set, Create a Group and Join A Group. Click on Join a Group. Then you have a new screen and two options. Click on Join A Group.
You’ll be asked for the Group ID and password. The ID is 11551 and the password is mexile.

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