Photo 7,000

My 7000th photo on Flickr has been uploaded. It’s a shot of a fruit and veg stall in an indorr market in Coyoacan, Mexico. It was taken with my new Fuji HS10, which seems to have excellent low light image quality for a compact. I’d usually end up with a much noisier image than this with my old FZ35.

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  • The lack of noise on that shot is quite good. What was the ISO setting for that shot?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA

    Where we increasingly wonder whether the benefits of a DSLR are worth lugging around 5 pounds of plastic, glass, and metal.

  • Hey Gary!

    Good news about the Fuji and great work on the site. It now seems so much more manageable. The images look great! Did you do any post processing. I almost always increase the contrast with the Fz35. I will look into the camera again. Must be more info out now!
    Site looks good.

    • I did a little post processing, but not much was required. Although I have to say the images Fuji pumps straight out of the camera are much nicer than I got out of my FZ35. Although that’s not a slur on the FZ. I just never did play with the settings to get them right! After processing, there’s not much difference between them. Except in low light – the Fuji does an excellent job there. And at full 30x zoom – the images from the Fuji are superb. They got a bit soft in the FZ at full zoom. And the Super Macro on the Fuji is great too. So fa, I’m a very happy snapper!

  • Yes, the low light image quality seems to be really good…you can see the inside of the stall well, and the fruit colors are just stunning.

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