Jorge Marin on Reforma

Along Reforma at the moment is a display of Jorge Marin statues. I’ve seen a few of these bizarre ManBird creations before, somewhere in the Alvaro Obregon area. They’re pretty impressive in the flesh. I’ll miss Reforma when I’m gone. It’s a continually evolving, renewing, reconstructing street of life, sounds, scenes and art. I’m not convinced London has anything quite like it. Click here to see a few of the statues on Flickr.


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  • But you will experience other forms of magic in London. I have been giving some thought to spending a year of retirement in London. That should drain the retirement account. The theatre tickets alone will eat up most of my income.

    • I know I will. Know, because London is my home town, and its magic is something I remember and am looking forward to.

      It sure is more expensive than Mexico, and yep, your retirement funds would take a hit. But it can be done more cheaply than most people imagine.

      It has to be said though, that a cheapish two bedroom apartment in London is going to cost me the equivalent of a pretty nice Centro Coyoacan house.

  • Incidentally, today’s header image comes from another display of art on Reforma. A smaller one of Independence and Revolution square paintings arranged in grid form. The ones above of five of my favourites.

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