Revolution In Progress

To say they are working feverishly is an understatement. Having finished most of the Independence Day works late (those that actually are now finished!) the government seems intent on making sure that at least the icon of the Revolution, the grand monument in the image below, will have its renovations completed in time for Revolution Day in mid November. I am, genuinely and not sarcastically, hopeful.

I also sincerely hope that they open to the public the staircase and viewing platform at the top of the structure. I’m sure there will be some interesting views. I also noticed that they seem to be pedestrianising a lot of the surrounding area too. Good job! Behind the monument, as per the photo, there’s quite a bit of open space. Just enough, if you ask me, for a replica of the Camera Obscura that turned up in Bournemouth back in 1999.

Perhaps a more discreet single decker building, in Revolution colours, would do better. But with all the chairs and tables outside for the sipping of tea and gulping of coffee. I wouldn’t even be upset if they got Starbucks to do it. For photos of the work in progress, and those of Torre Insignia from yesterdays post, click here.

Revolutionary Speed

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