An Idiot In Mexico

What can be said about Karl Pilkington that hasn’t been said before? Idiot sums it up pretty well. A loveable idiot. But no super hero. He’s been abroad, and his trip included Mexico. The video below is of the ‘best bits’ although I thought they missed some of his best lines.

Anyone with a love of Mexico or a fascination for idiots could do worse than watch this episode, or even the whole series of seven episodes. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon, or you can pick up his diary and experience his words of wisdom and nuggets of intellectual gold right away. Already watched the episode? There are some deleted scenes to see…

If this is all a little bit too low brow for you, and you’d prefer something of a more serious nature, then the BBC’s History of the World in 100 Objects podcast series, produced with the British Museum, has just finished, and all 100 episodes (each roughly 15 minutes long) are available for your listening pleasure. Mexico features a number of times. The object finder will help you locate them.

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