The Revolution Extravaganza

The Zocalo has hosted some spectacular shows in its time, and over the last couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to see the 2009 Independence/Revolution Days Sound and Light show and this years Independence Day event. A week ago we saw them putting up the stages and lights for another show, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Revolution.

We went to see it last night, although if you missed it, no big deal. It’s being put on at 9pm every night till, I believe, the 23rd. You should try and see it before then – it’s the most spectacular display of lights, fireworks and dancing they’ve done yet. It really is a proper show.

At a cost, of course. I’ve read it has taken the best part of 270 million pesos out of the city’s coffers, so it wasn’t a cheap production. At least, I suppose, it doesn’t look like a show put together on a shoestring. It does give value for money. But the question is, again, should the money have been spent elsewhere.

I guess bicentenary and centenary celebrations don’t come around often, but the projects, shows and other related financial outlays are rather stacking up. But anyway….the money has been spent, so if you’re in DF make the expense that bit more worthwhile and go see it. And click here to see the rest of my photos.

A Meeting Of Metals


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