Inside The Revolution

Following on from last Friday’s post, when I went to the renovated but still closed off Monument to the Revolution, I today managed to get inside the place. And what a fantastic job they’ve done. It’s clean, looking like new and a pleasant place to be. By handing over 40 pesos, you get a ride up the new glass elevator to the interior of the dome, where you can then make your way up and down narrow staircases to the exterior viewing area.

The entry fee also gets you into the spruced up museum underneath the monument, which has plenty to keep you interested for an hour or so. With a cafeteria tucked off to one side – I still think they should have an outside coffee plaza though. If the place attracts lots of visitors, and it should, then they’ll want a drink and snack. Either the monument’s management provide it, or the ambulantes will move in. Click here to see my photos on Flickr.

Railings and Riots


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