El Mercado 100

I have to confess I’m not much of a foodie. I like my meals fast, meaty, simple, cheap. Tacos are wonderful, especially barbacoa, cochinita and birria. Al pastor a la plancha too, although quality varies widely from greasy gristle to tastebud heaven according to where you’re buying it. When you find a good one, remember where it was!But anyway, I am, to be honest, happier eating for a few pesos on the street than in a sniffy French restaurante serving up delectable five course platters of haute cuisine. Mexico suits me to a tee.

But my wife is something of a foodie. Especially if it’s organic, pure, and generally costs a whole bunch of notes. With that in mind I led her to El Mercado 100 yesterday, which I had read about on a far more dedicated Mexico City foodie’s blog. It’s gotten coverage on other Distrito Federal blogs too, including Go Mexico.

It is a tiny little market, and moves about from place to place. This Sunday is was in the Plaza de Rio de Janeiro – map no 43.  It’s really, very small. Not much more than a dozen stalls. But full of organic stuff, from rabbit tacos, to honey and some very nice cheesecake which I personally sampled for the princely sum of 10 pesos. There’s herbs, vegetables and all sorts. And the area itself, with fountains, art deco architecture and the nearby Alavaro Obregon street market, was pleasant enough to make the visit worthwhile.


  • Hmmm… fast, meaty, simple, and cheap. At first I thought you were writing an article about my taste in wome… er.. hot dogs…

  • It’s too bad we didn’t run into each other there! Had I seen you I probably would’ve recognized you from your photo. And I agree, the market is still very small – smaller than I had expected – but hopefully growing. To be honest, I probably spent more time playing with the dog around the fountain then in the actual market, but it was cool to check it out just the same. 😉

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