Fronton Mexico

Across from the newly renovated and reopened Monument of the Revolution, is the Fronton Mexico. Although I had photographed it a few times, it remained a mystery building to me until recently, when a photo buddy gave me a few details. I looked into it a bit more.

It’s a 1929 art deco building, and was a sports arena, with the only Jai  Alai courts in the city. It’s a slightly odd sport, imported from Spain. Reminds me a bit of Eton Fives, but with more oomph when it comes to hitting the ball. But it went out of fashion and the building has laid unused since 1922.

It has just been given a fresh coat of paint though. A little investigation on the interweb reveals that the interior is being spruced up too, with renovated Jai Lai courts, and featuring new spectator boxes, restaurant, roof bar, casino, hotel and a pool. Sounds promising. Let’s hope that my investigation dregged up facts and not unfounded gossip. It’s too cool a building to be left abandoned.

There’s quite a few surrounding art deco buildings that need a little attention too. I hope a bit of cash is found to provide them with a lick of paint and a pot of plaster. I like art deco, and especially the Mexican variant. It’s an odd style really. Difficult sometimes to definitively define, and yet instantly recognisable and thoroughly timeless.



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