TEFLers Guide Mexico City

All finished. I made a number of adjustments to the final edition, including a better front cover (without any copyright issues this time), a table of contents, a heavily revised intro, a few extra posts, a couple more ‘useful links’ in the back and some photos.

It’s been a fun project. And I’m happy with the results. Lulu is pretty intuitive to use for print books – decide what size you want the book, what binding and what paper quality. Download the Microsoft Word template, copy and paste your book into the template, format it all to your liking, convert to PDF, upload to Lulu and voila …. a book.

You can then upload the covers and set the price/rights etc. You even get a free ISBN number. In fact, it’s all free, although to get a book distributed on Amazon, you do have to buy a copy (at cost – just over $8 in my case) and then approve it for distribution. Seems fair enough to me.


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