The Wall

My long, long wait came to an end last night. I saw Roger Waters perform The Wall. In the flesh, so to speak. The Palacio de los Deportes is a rather industrial arena, originally built to host basketball and other events at the 1968 Olympics. But ‘industrial’ rather suits The Wall.

Roger knows how to work an audience. As the crowds tumbled in, he pushed a trolley around the floor, with a big sign declaring he needed money for beer and hookers. And when the lights dimmed, there was no perfunctory, polite ‘Hello Mexico’. Not at all. Viva Mexico cabrones!

The show itself was awesome. A recreation of the Berlin show, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. But dramatic, emotional and political, as you’d expect. And fresh. The wall was used as a projector screen, with more space to show off animations, slogans and messages as it was built.

The Wall is, perhaps, an acquired taste. To a certain degree. It took me a few years and a good few listens before I decided that this, not Wish You Were Here or Dark Side of the Moon, was my favourite Floyd album. That’s remained the case ever since.

I didn’t take my camera with me. I wanted to watch the show, not film it. But plenty others put their cameras to use, mostly cell phone cameras, and YouTube is today full of short vids of dubious quality. Including this one, taken by someone who must have been standing just feet from me. Comfortably Numb, one of my favourite songs.

And, of course, Mother, although I’ve long thought that Sinead O’Connor’s rendition was unbeatable. I’ve posted one of these videos below. Not, obviously, because of the quality. But it does give an idea of what the show was like.

Viva Roger Waters!



  • Sr.
    You might would like to watch the whole “Live” in Berlin concert (including Sinead O´Connors) as I did back in the old 90´s.
    Enjoy it.

    • I have it on DVD, one of the most precious discs in my collection! But thanks for the link….YouTube is much more convenient! This was, in my opinion, the most awesome concert of all time.

  • Atom Heart Mother and Relics are my favorites, a mix of the British invasion and early heavy metal, an exercise is dichotomy.

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