Speed of Light

Traffic flies by a cyclist, proving that four wheels are at least faster than two. But this is no ordinary cyclist. This chap is a cardboard cyclist (just in case you couldn’t tell) put in place next to the new cycle lane along Reforma in the heart of Mexico City. I imagine this is to visually confirm to drivers of large 4×4 gas guzzlers that this 2 foot wide lane is in fact for cyclists, not for them. Something that should be obvious, what with the dimensions of the lane and the plastic bollards, but this is Mexico City, and people do crazy things under the guise of ignorance. Whilst I d appreciate all the cyclist friendly policies of Ebrard’s vote purchasing campaign, this has to be the ugliest cycle lane in cycle lane history. I also couldn’t help but notice that while the cardboard chap is sporting a safety conscious helmet, his bike has no lights, which is most thoughtless of him.

Speed Of Light


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