Today In DF…

The third Metrobus route continues, cutting a brutal path through anything that gets in its way. Some might say it’s a shame the route doesn’t swing a ninety degree right hander right after the half built station in the top photograph. Scientologists, on the other hand, would be most upset. They’ve only recently opened the building. Is there a competition for coming up with names for the Metrobus stations? I nominate this station to be called Estacion Xenu

On a brighter note, I strolled past the first Jacaranda blooms of the year. When my early January departure was put back to mid February last year, I must confess I was secretly pleased. I’d get to see the Jacarandas in full bloom one last time, before moving to London. Although for a moment today at Metro Insurgentes, I thought I’d gone through a time warp and was already there. It wasn’t just the London Underground signage that looked familiar, but the gent in the very British flat cap.


  • Too bad they didn’t build the metrobus right through the Scientology building taking the thing down. Got harassed by Scientology nutters today.

    Happy the jacarandas are back…spring has sprung

    • Well, that’s where the Metrobus would have gone if they’d done that 90 degree turn…! 🙂

      I’ve never been harassed by Scientologists. I have harassed them though. Just a little. I wanted to take photos inside their building.

    • Well they’re pretty sparse, those blooms. At the moment. I think they’re normally out in full strength in mid to late Feb. But still…an isolated Jacaranda bloom is better than no Jacaranda bloom!

  • Very funny post. I love the idea of naming the station “Xenu,” though government officials generally aren’t known for their sense of humor. Except for when devising tax laws, of course.

    And I am INSANELY ENVIOUS of your jacaranda blooms and general warm weather. I just got in from 2 hours of clearing snow, both mechanically and manually, and to use the amusing phraseology of your native country, “I’m knackered!”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we can’t wait to exchange endless snow for a winter where we can walk around in a tank-top.

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