Tacuba Tacos

One of the first, if not the first and most important issue for poor souls who have departed Mexico – where to find some decent tacos? The internet has churned up a few results. All Tex Mex imposter food, in the main. It’s not just ‘not quite the same’. It’s barely even similar. But lo and behold, if you look hard enough spend long enough looking at random webpages, you’re bound to find what you were, or weren’t, looking for in the end. And so it may have happened with my search for genuine Mexican cuisine.

Groupon seems to have taken off big time in the UK. It exists in Mexico, but like most internet sites that need you to enter credit card details, it hasn’t made quite as big a splash. But I’ve signed up for Groupon on this side of the Atlantic, and the very first deal thrown my way? A real Mexican restaurant, in London. In Balham, South London, a town I used to live in. On Belford Road, a street I didn’t used to wander up. It was, once upon a time anyway, better known for attracting ladies of the night.

Tacubabar, apparently, serves up genuine Mexican street food. The menu looks authentic enough. Tacuba, if I remember rightly, means ‘place of flowers’ or something similar. Nowadays it is known as a town, with a metro station. And lots of street food outside it. It has some reputation. Everyone has heard of the Tacuba Two Step Taco. That’s how far you get before your body, whether you want it to or not, expels the street tacos through the nearest available orifice. Or all orifices. Someone mentioned in a comment recently that the word ‘projectile’ spices up a post. Tacuba is the place to go for your projectile needs and desires.

One imagines that the Tacuba in London aims higher, and I do mean that regards standards and quality, and not with any reference to any Guinness Book projectile vomiting records. It looks enticing. The price of the Groupon offer looks enticing too. Alas, it will have to wait till I have a proper job before I get to review it personally. But if anyone in London happens to read this in the next 9 hours or so before the offer expires, I can vouch for the authenticity of the menu. It does look genuine Mexican. And genuine Mexican is good. At £19 for two, £9.50 each, it’s worth a punt I reckon. And you should come back here and tell me how it went.


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