Honda S-Wing at 1500 Miles

I’ve had my Honda for a couple months now, and have racked up over 1500 miles on it. It’s run-in now, and performing sweetly. It’s not as fast as my old Honda Pantheon, which was the direct predecessor of this bike. The Pantheon could, with a warm engine and a long run, top 85mph whilst the S-Wing manages just 70mph.  The Pantheon had a 2 stroke engine rather than the S-Wings 4 stroke, and was a bit lighter to boot, so this is to be expected. I wouldn’t swap the engines though – I like the greater reliability of a 4 stroke. It drinks far less oil too. One thing is for sure. Honda make better scooters than I make videos.

[vodpod id=Video.12927216&w=500&h=290&fv=]


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