The Bournemouth Air Festival

I was lucky enough to see the Red Arrows display at this years Bournemouth Air Festival twice. Yesterday from the 8th floor of my office, albeit mostly in snatched glimpses between phone calls while supposedly working. Today from the cliff top, fully equipped with picnic. I would have seen the show on Thursday has the weather not upset proceedings.

The Red Arrows had a blue day today though. The display was as magnificent as you’d expect from one of the world’s finest aeronautical display teams. Sadly, shortly after they left the coast to head back to Bournemouth Airport a few miles away to  land, Red 4 crashed, killing the pilot. Life is always a risky prospect, but more so when you’re sat on a jet engine going at several hundred miles an hour.

I managed to get a few photos, of course. I’ve uploaded them to both Flickr (click here) and Google+ (click here) so you can take your pick as to how you see them. Does anyone have a preference?



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