Historic Britain

One thing I like about the UK, is how easy it is to step back in time. I do wonder, is there another country on earth that contains so much history per square mile? There are places with much older cultures and sites, but few that are so spread across the millenia. The are plenty of places with fabulous palaces and religious structures, but not so many with two or more of them in the same town. There are a handful of countries with an international sense of history, but perhaps none that’s so widespread over time and distance.

Admittedly, the big advantage I have in making this claim is that the UK is such a small country. We also had an empire spread across the globe like no other. We have also managed to avoid any destructive foreign invasions for nearly a thousand years, although the Blitz was a bit of a blow. I do enjoy bumping into little bits of history .

Whether it be an astonishingly sturdy bridge with foundations dating back 800 years, or be it an eccentric little cottage owned by Lawrence of Arabia, just yards from the spot where he met his maker. We have spots of history here like most countries have rats – you’re never more than five metres away from one. Or so it sometimes seems. You can see photos of Whitemill and it’s bridge on Flickr or Google. And the shots of Lawrence’s home and grave, also on Flickr or Google.


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