Old Wardour Castle

England is riddled with castles, stately homes, manor houses and grand palaces. Many are in fine fettle, although there are also a fair number that have either become run down or  were wrecked in one of England’s two civil wars. They must have cost a small fortune to build and maintain – and that’s the pressing issue for those that survive. They still cost a fortune to maintain. Fuedalism is great until it runs out of someone else’s money. 🙂

Old Wardour Castle doesn’t cost so much to maintain, I’d wager. Since a large mine prematurely went off during a siege in the 17th century, destroying two walls of the building and rendering it uninhabitable, it hasn’t cost quite so much to keep going. It’s not a castle you’ve probably ever heard of. But you almost certainly have seen it. It was featured in Kevin Costner’s movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

There are times that I’ve thought I’d quite like to live in a castle. But there are two things holding me back. Firstly, there is that cost factor. Since coming back to the UK last year, I’ve gradually been building up a credit rating – which was easy enough to check by getting a Credit Report Online. Spending six years out of the country did mean I’d been erased from Britain’s economic map. Things have improved, but I’m still some way off being able to afford a castle. A house boat on a canal is probably more within my financial reach. Which is not a bad thing – I always fancied living on a houseboat too.

Secondly, they get a bit chilly these castles, as this manor house owner admits to. I don’t do cold. So I’ve shelved any plans to buy and restore Old Wardour Castle for now. Photos? On Flickr, of course.



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