Adios Comadre

My shiny silver steed rode off into the sunset on Sunday evening, with a new owner proudly sitting atop her well padded saddle. After three weeks in the classifieds I’d been offered a reasonable price that I could accept. So, so long Comadre. It’s been a blast. I miss her already. Not just the fun that comes with riding her. Although, truth be told, the constant rain we’ve had for the last three or four months isn’t always fun. But there’s also the ability to jump on and ride anywhere, anytime. The bus system isn’t so accommodating. And now, to top it off, I’m a Bus W&%$#@.

As far as selling Comadre goes, I have just one recommendation. Spending £40 on an ad with Bike Trader was a complete waste of money. Didn’t get a single call, even though the ad was up with them a week before I advertised it elsewhere. Elsewhere being eBay. Good old eBay. I had a number of leads and offers before accepting one. The eBay ad cost just £15, and as it was a Classified ad there was no final selling fee. Bargain. Here is the final photo of Comadre. Adios amigo.



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