Scale and Scaling

Every now and then I sell a photo. Not as many as I’d like, not as often as I’d like and never for as much as I’d like! But every sale is appreciated. For the cash it brings in, you see. Usually, sales are just from direct contacts from someone who has located the image on Flickr. But I discovered just a couple of days ago that I’d sold one through the Getty Images deal on Flickr. My first Getty sale. A whopping US$99 headed straight into my bank account.

I had signed up for Getty months ago. Nearly a year, I think. At their invitation – I had a couple of images that their customers were interested in. Sadly, I was unable to provide the necessary copyright paperwork to sell them. But they plucked four images to add to their catalogue. The photo below was one of them. I do like the photo. The critics on the Delete Me group also liked it. It was sent to the Lightbox as a winner by 10 votes to 3, probably my best ever result.

Anyone remember what that’s a photo of? I’ll save you guessing – that  was the giant, world-record setting, Pepsi sponsored Christmas Tree put up on Reforma in Mexico City a few years back. And it was taken with my lowly Panasonic TZ5. Getty are not, it seems, total camera snobs. I don’t get to find out much about what the photo will be used for or where though. I know that the purchaser was an Australian advertising company, and that’s it. Still, I have my $99, and I know where that is – in my back pocket. And that’s what matters most.

Scale and Scaling


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