The New INM Regs Part 3

After two weeks of constantly phoning the number provided on the London Embassy’s webpage, the call was both connected and answered! I was promptly given another number to ring – this wasn’t the correct number for visa enquiries. Which either failed to connect or went straight to an answering machine. Day after day.

But yesterday, Mrs P found a new number to ring. From where I do not know. She wouldn’t explain this piece of magic. It was magic because this number lead to a phone which was also answered. Happy days. Further, it was answered by a very pleasant and helpful Mexicana. She gave me some basic info – Mrs P and I will need to go to the embassy together with a selection of documents. What documents? She gave me an email address to write to, and she would reply with the list.

Our marriage certificate is of course a must. And we have that, so no problems. Except, there may be a problem. Does it need to be apostilled? She wasn’t sure, and will let us know. And if so, will we need to get it apostilled in Milwaukee where the wedding took place? Or can we pop into the US Embassy in London? Will I have a visa in time to spend New Year in the United States of Mexico. Will that country even still exist? We will find out shortly. In the meantime, let us pray…

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