Mexile Paywall

April Fools: Needless to say, this post was just a bit of fun for April 1st! And, of course,  I have no plans to start charging for access to my blog –  the stats page tells me I have a pretty small group of readers as it is! But I was pleased to see that a couple of you fell for it anyway 🙂

I’ve made a big decision today as to which direction I want to take my blog. WordPress have recently released a new plug-in that will allow bloggers to earn from their efforts. As you may know, I’ve long looked at different ways of monetizing the Mexile. Blogging  is a hobby but it’s time consuming, and at the end of the day it has a financial cost. A few dollars here for the domain name, a few dollars there for the hosting. The annual Flickr subscription. Etcetera. It all adds up. With my decision not to run paid guest posts, I needed to look at other opportunities to pay for the costs of running the blog.

The plug-in is called Wordwall, and as it’s name suggests, is simply a paywall for bloggers. From tomorrow all my posts will be behind a paywall. Readers will have a choice – they can pay just $1/£1 for each post they want to read, or pay $10/£10 for an annual pass. Early reports from bloggers running the app is that a surprising number of people are prepared to pay small sums. It definitely seems worth a try. It does mean that from tomorrow, if you haven’t paid your dollar/s, you can’t read the Mexile.

I know that not everyone will be a fan of the paywall, but there are a few very positive sides to this. In my opinion, anyway. Firstly, people who are subscribed to my RSS feed or come to my blog, will see the first three lines of the post – then there’s a Pay Now button. This will really focus my mind to improving my writing skills. I have three lines to get people interested enough to pay a dollar. Three lines to sell that post. It’s also really encourage me to write decent quality posts to get people coming back for more.

Lastly, I know that those who do pay are going to be more likely to comment and more likely to be a positive member of the little community I have built here. Ten dollars really isn’t an awful lot to ask for an annual pass. I’ve seen most bloggers setting the Annual Pass rate at $25 to $50. I really hope that even those of you who aren’t fond of change, or for paying for stuff! to give this a try and I will see you on the otherside of the paywall tomorrow.  TO buy your annual subscription, just click on the image at the top of the sidebar on your right. It’ll take you straight to a PayPal payment page, where you can pay using either your own PayPal account, or a Visa or Mastercard.



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