First Post

Almost ten years ago I bought the domain, Then, after a few years, I let it expire and used the cheaper domain instead. But with the decade anniversary approaching I got all nostalgic. No one else had bought the domain, so I snapped it up again. It seems there aren’t so many of us Gary Denness’ out there. At least, I’m the only one with a narcissistic blogging trait.

Now, what to actually do with the domain? Well, I rather liked this theme. It was free. And it’s rather suited to photography. So a photography blog it is. I’m not going to post anything that overlaps with my main blog. It’s just a showcase for my photography. No essay length post. Just a few words about the photo. Newly taken photos and snaps from my Flick archives. We’ll see how it goes.

So the first photo? It’s as good as anything to start with. A few years ago I walked away from this domain myself…


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