Wing And A Prayer

I’ve met a few fellow bloggers over the years. Only one called Jesus. He had a fabulous apartment in Santa Maria La Ribera, with a balcony overlooking the centre square. The balcony was as fabulous as the rest of the apartment. This fairy dangled from the ceiling. The original photo was a bit meh. I used Filters Unlimited 2.0 to breathe a bit of character into it.


  • The slow loading, I imagine, was due to the background images. I rushed the initial set up, and assumed that WordPress would crunch the size of those images, but I don’t think it did. I’ve replaced each image with an optimised version. Previously they were 350 to 500kbs each. Now they are 20 to 30kbs. It seems to be making a big difference to me….

    You don’t like the transparency?! You’re a hard to please customer Kim! The default was much more transparent. I had already adjusted it so the transparency is minimal.

  • OK, I finally got through to the WordPress comments. And I’m now leaving one, as you no doubt can tell.

    And I agree with Andean. You should definitely meet Steve. He’s a great guy.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we also found this page a bit slow to load. Also not too wild about the transparency.

  • And like my gravatar much better 🙂

    When the first page loads ( the photos), it is now a bit faster, but I think the size may be slowing it…
    Love that Souk photo.

  • Hi, testing your new site. Hmm… the grey is pretty light.

    Bloggers should all meet…that’d be a real trip.
    (can’t be sure, but I think Steve was referring to himself, as another blogger you should meet).

  • Like the good soldier I am, I followed directions to stop by to say “hi.” Do you want me to add this new offering on my blog roll?

    By this way, this is another blogger you should meet. And what is with the light gray lettering for comments? I an barely read my own words.

    • You’re more than welcome to add it your your blog roll….I know my main site gets an awful lot of traffic from you!

      I’ve fixed the light grey text….I hadn’t written a comment so hadn’t realised how poor the visibility was. I’ve also toned down the transparency of the content area a touch.

      I was having problems with two duplicate images showing up in each post, but found the (rather bizarre) answer to that.

      Which is another blogger to meet? Don Cuevas? I hope to bump into him one day soon, along with another blogger or two. Yourself included, Steve!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Where does it load slowly for you? On the main page? On the blog page? Every page? Like all themes, there’s an element of fine tuning to try and get things right.

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