Mexile II

See the big red banner over on the right? My ten year anniversary as a blogger is rapidly drawing close. I started off blogging using as my domain. Nowadays I use the version. But I’ve splashed out and bought the old .com address again, for old times sakes. And matched it to a new blog, imaginitively entitled Mexile II. I know, I do this sort of thing quite a lot. And generally speaking, my new splinter blogs become quickly superfluous and fade away into the virtual ether.

Perhaps this one will be different. Perhaps it’ll find a new niche that doesn’t fit this blog, and therefore doesn’t just fracture my content over multiple sites needlessly. I have in mind at the moment to simply use it as a showcase for my photography. Old snaps and new. With a brief summary or comment, not a long rambling essay. It’ll be simple, quick and easy to update.

I really like the theme I found. It’s clean, shows off full screen images on the homepage, has a neat sidebar, social network icons at the bottom and even has my latest Flickr and Instagram photos in galleries on the top menu. I really, really like the theme. If I were going to self host this blog, this is the theme I’d use. All it’s lacking at the moment are some posts to fill the blog section out a bit. And some comments to get the Comments widget in the sidebar showing some activity. I’ll add the content, you come and say hi… 🙂



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