Arundel Castle

The British Isles are littered with castles. Some are in ruins, many are still in excellent nick. A few have legendary status, such as those at Windsor and the Tower of London. Others are hidden gems. Mrs P and I took a train ride along the south coast to Arundel Castle. Hardly a hidden gem, but it is a little off the normal beaten track for castle groupies.

It was a beautiful day. After two years of constant gray, where the only question would be whether it would drizzle or pour, we deserve some good weather. After the coldest spring on record, summer is turning out to be kind. Temperatures regularly above 20 degrees Celsius, sometimes hitting mid twenties. Today will see highs of 30 degrees. Most importantly, from a photographic point of view, this means blue skies. Britain is beautiful when covered with a blue sky.

Arundel, I am sure, is beautiful in any weather. But I prefer the blue sky option. And the Blue Sky God delivered. Well done him! Parts of the castle have been around for hundreds of years. The interior is as glorious as any other castle I’ve seen, bar Windsor. It’s still occupied by a duke. Most surprising, it’s occupied, as it has long been, by a Catholic duke.

He is also Earl of Arundal, the oldest surviving peerage in England. I suspect he comes from a long line of wise men who knew how to keep their heads down. In the olden days, Catholic nobles had a tendency to lose their heads with a stoke of an axe. So well done to him and his ancestors for their canny ability to know when to duck.

The photo below was embedded from my 500px site. I like 500px. I have decreasing passion for Flickr. You can see my Arundel collection on 500px. I love the layout. I love the slideshow. If you’re a stick in the mud, you can also go see the collection on Flickr too though. Which do you prefer? I’m interested to know.


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