HTC One Salisbury

Shooting with my HTC is proving a highly satisfactory experience. The camera has some neat filters, although I tend to use Snapseed more than the vanilla options that are built into the camera.


Filters have become pretty popular on cell phones for a few reasons. Firstly, to make up for the lack of creativity of the user! Secondly, because they are fun. Thirdly, to make up for the poor camera that most phones have come with. Up to now, anyway. Yes, they are improving. No, they’re not rivaling even a mid range compact.

But the HTC One does take some decent quality photos in it’s own right. On a smaller screen (say, a cell phone screen!) then you’re oft hard pushed to tell the difference. Even on a computer monitor or a laptop, the results are more than simply satisfactory. Click here to check out the photos I took in Salisbury recently.


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