The number eight is lucky according to the Chinese. I bet they were delighted that they got to open the Beijing Olympiad on the 8th of the 8th month of 2008. I couldn’t say for sure. I missed it. I was getting married. So whether that date was lucky for me is open to interpretation. Getting married was great, but missing the opening ceremony? Poor planning on my part!

Who am I kidding. Five years have flown by. That’s a good sign, surely? And anyway, things evened out at the London Olympics. I applied for so many tickets. And got just one pair. For the 8th of August. It must be my lucky date after all. Maybe I was Chinese in a previous life.

Have you been reading along since 2008? If so, I suspect you are in a very small minority. For the majority who weren’t, here’s a little flash back to the big day. Exactly five years ago today.


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