Independence Lights

I recently received an email, via Flickr (where else?) from CNN. September is Independence Month throughout a fair number of Latin American countries, and CNN wanted to feature one of my old photos for their CNN Celebrates series, via iReport. I have to be honest, it’s far from the best photo I ever took of a Mexican Independence Day. But if they like it, then who am I to argue. I added a few world to the photo. Whether they are ever printed I do not know. So I put the appropriate effort into the draft. That’s to say, not much. Anyway, I now have a CNN profile and iReport page….

Mexico City is full of colour at any time of year. But September brings a burst of reds whites and greens that cover the city in cloth flags, plastic bunting and sparkling lights. There’s a buzz in the air as Independence Day approaches. Come the middle of the month, the country unconditionally unites to cheer to El Grito – the shout of independence. Nowhere in the city do the lights shine brighter, the crowds grow larger or are the cheers shouted louder than in the Zocalo, the huge central square in the heart of the metropolis.


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