Arundel Castle Postcard

I have a new postcard for sale. It’s a special one. It’s entirely of my own creation. Well, my creation with a little help from the folk over at Touchnote. It’s a brilliant app for phones and the desktop. Take one of your own photos, go through a pretty rapid and simple postcard making process, and voila. They charge £1.49 (just over US$2) and will send it any where in the world with a functioning postal system. That price includes postage. Not bad at all. I already have one customer for this image. I admit it, my one customer is me. I really want to see what the finished product looks like though, and there’s only one way to find out! Would you like me to post you this very same postcard too? All profits go towards the noble cause of keeping my digital life fully paid up! Just click here and go through the process.


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