Removing Featured Images From A Post

I like the theme I’m using for this blog, Fresh and Clean. It’s both of those. But I’ve head a pet hate since I switched to it. I enter in a Featured Image. This is so that, on the Home Page (where my recent posts are listed) it shows a small thumbnail to the side of the excerpt. To my annoyance it also then shows that image in full size at the top of the post, with no way to remove it. I’ve been living with it, because I choose a Featured Image in the post. I just prefer to choose where it is displayed. But crucially, in different browsers/RSS readers/devices, the image may or may not show in the post. This was more than a pain.

I’ve discovered the cure. It’s not a Universal WordPress cure. Different themes work in different ways. But whatever the theme, you’ll have to go to Appearance > Editor. From there, the code you’re looking for might be in content.php, layout.php or style.css. You’re hunting down a bit of code with ‘featured image’ in it. I found this in Fresh and Clean, and I deleted it.

// Get, resize and display featured image
if( of_get_option(‘blog_single_thumbnail’,’1′ ) == ‘1’ && has_post_thumbnail() ) { ?>
<div class=”post-head-image”>
<div id=”post-thumbnail”>
<img src=”<?php echo aq_resize( wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ), wpex_img( ‘blog_post_width’ ), wpex_img( ‘blog_post_height’ ), wpex_img( ‘blog_post_crop’ ) ); ?>” alt=”<?php echo the_title(); ?>” />
</div><!– #post-thumbnail –>
<?php } ?>

This solved my problem. Of course, there’s a downside to this. It’s removed the Featured Image from all my posts. I broke my blog. Now I have to go back and replace the images manually into every post. Sigh. Still, going forward, at least things will work as I want them to.


  • I guess this is the dark side of customizations. You have the freedom to screw things up too. Thanks for the help figuring out my photo problem yesterday.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve been trying to learn C#, and the above looks suspiciously similar.

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