The Olympic Dream

My favourite photo sharing site is about to launch their shiny new Commercial Licensing Marketplace. I know very little about the scheme, other than it will be a place for 500px photographers to sell their images. I know of it because I’ve been asked to allow 500px to license one of my photos. Sure. Why not. If there’s the chance of cash comin my way, I’m game. I’m surprised about their choice from amongst all my photos on the site. I declind to upload any release documents. I don’t have any. But I’m sure that the IOC are infamously tight when it comes to anything with an Olympic image on it. Or even a hint of an Olympic image. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes…


  • Steve Cotton

    You are probably correct. The Olympics Trademark Police are undoubtedly revving their engines as I write.

    • Well let them sue me for everything I’ve got. Both pennies….

      • Steve Cotton

        My sentiments exactly. Disney and the Olympics are my eternal winners of the Stupid Copyright Action Award.

        • Well, this little email in my inbox this morning didn’t entirely surprise me. So who in the 500px department that picked out this photo originally didn’t know about copyrights and the IOC?

          Tut, tut, tut…