Old Harry Rocks

I’ve had a whole week off work, with no where specific to go and nothing written in stone to do. Which is why I’ve had time to write so many posts this week. It’s nice to just have time off to do with what you will. I’ve explored my neighbourhood a little, as per yesterdays post. And I’ve had the chance to get on my bike and do some exploring a little further a field.

Well, quite a lot further a field. As the graphic below shows. A round trip of 30 kilometres along roads, along promendades, across a harbour and over rough tracks and fields. With a very specific destination in mind. Isn’t it marvellous what you can do with a mobile phone these days. Track your route with GPS (I use Runkeeper, although there are many fine alternatives), take photos and videos and even earn a new badge on Foursquare. I am now the proud owner of the Great Outdoors badge. Is there a badge for tying knots? It’s like being in the Scouts all over again.


So, the destination. Old Harry Rocks. It marks the beginning of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage site stretching along a fair old portion of Dorset’s rather rugged coastline. The rocks are so named because, according to local lore, the Devil once slept on them. Alternatively, according to another story, a local pirate called Harry Paye used to store his booty nearby.

Maybe Harry was the devil and there is truth in both tales? Who knows for sure. The rocks make an impressive spectacle, folklore or no folklore. But anyway, come for a ride with me and enjoy the view.

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You can have a look at all the photos I took on Flickr by clicking here. The snaps were all taken with my HTC One, which performs pretty admirably for a camera mounted on a phone. It takes videos too. I stuck a few clips together, overlaid a relaxing tune and posted it here to help you get a bit more of a feel for our coastline here. I thought about allowing the natural sound to play instead of music. But it was windy. Very windy.


  • Philip Kirkland

    When I saw your headline, I thought you were expressing your admiration for Mr. Redknapp, who I believe lives in your neck of the woods!

    • He does indeed, along with son Jamie and Graeme Souness. I used to see Harry on a regular basis on Saturday evenings when he popped into my garage to refuel on his way home from Upton Park. Nice chap. Harry for Engerland!

  • Nice outing. I loved the photos and the video. That pub looks QUITE ancient. How old is it roughly?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are surrounded by wet snow, fog, and rain. Blah!

    • It’s four hundred and sixty four years old. According to their website, anyway, it dates back to 1549.


      • Wow! Set up not long after Cortéz invaded México.

        • Our oldest restaurant here dates from 1795, a mere youngster in comparison.

        • Beer not silver. Sounds like a sound motto that the inn (for it is an inn and not a pub) could put to use.

        • 1795 is still mighty old. Old enough that no one who knew someone who lived before it could tell the tale.