• That’s a great photo! I love the sky. Is the wall really curved, or did you use a super wide-angle lens?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we share your sentiments on the lack of summer. In fact, we’d happily settle for a wet spring right now.

    • I used the built in panorama maker in the Fuji XS-1. At least, I think I used the Fuji. I’m sure I did. The wall does have curves, although the camera rather adds to the curve. In fact, I rather think the wall curved the opposite way!

      We do not need any more wet here, regardless of the season, thank you kindly!

    • The wall very obligingly framed itself. I do like the shot though, not least for those blue skies. Which are oh so very Mexican. If your adopted home could bottle that up and export it, you’d have a very ready market over here waiting for it. Cash purchaser.

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