St Patricks Day

The United Kingdom is made up of four separate countries. Each with their own patron saint. In England, the chap concerned is St George, after whom our flag is also named. I believe his special day is in April, but I could be wrong. There is a fringe campaign to get the general public interested in St George, but it isn’t working. Perhaps because St George is actually Turkish and not even English.

Scotland’s patron saint is St Andrew. But our Scottish friends prefer to raise a glass to their world famous poet, Robert Burns. Wales? St David. Never heard of him? I have no idea who he is either. The Irish, on the other hand, have St Patrick. And everyone celebrates St Patricks Day. You don’t need to be Irish, although if you are from the US you will no doubt be able to trace some part of the family tree back to the Emerald Isle.

I assume so, anyway. Every president in the last hundred years or so has managed to do so. We are just days away from St Patricks big day, and the image below has a few interesting facts and figures about the parties that are about to commence.

Via: Trend Micro United Kingdom


  • What a lousy map. Where is the tiny green dot on the western coast of Mexico? Not only do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the whole village is named after him. But acknowledging the fact then raises bothersome questions like “why?”, and no one can give a rational answer. So, we will go on celebrating our inscrutable anonymous way.

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