An Interlude

For the last year, I’ve been wanting to self host my blog. To move it from to There are pros and cons to such a move, but in my view the pros win. But I’ve been stopped in my tracks each time I have tried to import my blog onto a self hosted server. A variety of error messages have left me at an impasse. I looked for solutions, but mostly found other people in the same boat, unable to cross to the other side.

There’s a lot to be said for perseverance though. I have solved the file issue that prevented me from switching. So switch I shall, probably tomorrow morning. All my posts, pages and comments will be swiftly transferred. The domain name will remain the same. The only thing that may break is the RSS feed. Hopefully it won’t. But if I disappear from any dynamic blog rolls or feed readers…well, you’ll know why that is.

So farewell from me on I’ll see you on he other side shortly. Till then, one last photo. A misty day beside Weymouth harbour. I’ll have to bring my real camera back here one day.



  • I took a load of photos in Northern Ireland last year, some in Bangor and in Donaghadee, still have to configure them for viewing, though. With a quality camera and time your chances of getting a decent photo are many fold and I lucked out with the Fujifilm X-A1 but now that it is tucked under my belt I need to get a few lenses to enhance my craft.

    • A good prime lens really makes all the difference. To be honest, 95% of my photos are taken with my f1.4 35mm prime, not the two kits lenses.

  • So Gary,
    What are the advantages of moving to .org compared with the regular blog tool?
    Is there a cost advantage or is it more secure or does it give you more control over the copyright content of your work?

    As you know I’m new to this and I haven’t the foggiest!

    Thanks Colm

    • That’s a good question! And the answer is worthy of a blog post rather than a comment. As soon as I get some spare time…!

  • The picture itself looks surreal or unreal. This must have been taken with a cell cam. So I am sure that your real camera will do much better. I will be looking out for your new blog. Good luck on that!

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