• It is odd you just wrote this. I have had the same thought over the past week as Barco and I adjusted his morning walk to deal with daylight saving time. As summer sets in, the sunrises are noticeably earlier each morning. In fact, I regretted that I had not taken my camera along this morning. But it would be just something else to juggle.

    • I remember the changes between BST and GMT causing more havoc with the dogs dinner times than the timing of walkies. Dogs do not seem to want to recognise our manipulation of time. For them, its as black and white an issue as day and night.

      As for your refusal to pack a camera, there’s no excuse good enough. How difficult is it to slip a mobile phone in your pocket, senor?! Just having a look back at previous posts, at least the last eight have featured shots with my iPhone. I’m really enjoying shooting with it. Sure, it’s not as good as my Fuji (or your Sony) by a long shot, but phone cameras have improved enormously, as have the processing software options.

      • I always have my telephone with me. But the dog tugging at his leash (or wanting to get on with it) usually jostles my hand too much. Maybe it is just an excuse. After last August, I just do not see the world the same anymore.

        • I hear you. You need a Go-Pro camera. I’ve sure you can buy the right attachments to fit one to Barco’s collar.

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