Project 365

Back in 2008 when I was still in Mexico City, I started – and completed – a 365 project. I took, processed and published a photo every day for a year. I hosted it on Blogger and purchased a domain name especially for it. In 2012 I started, but didn’t complete, a new 366 project, shot back in the UK. It was a 366 project because 2012 has a leap year. I got 244 days into it and then ran out of enthusiasm. I think I’d run out of enthusiasm for the UK itself at the time.


In 2013 I ummed and erred as to whether I should renew the domain name I had bought. I ummed and erred too long, and someone else snapped it up while I was thinking about it. Damn her. But she did nothing with it and last January, after three years of ownership, she failed to renew it. A few days ago the grace period of 90 days after the renewal date expired. I’d regretted letting it lapse in the first place, so I moved quickly. And now I own the domain again. I like the domain name. It’s catchy and appropriate. It is

The Mexile 365

So this got me to look back at my old projects. There’s a few nice photos in both collections. But a lot of average/sub par/dud shots as well. But that matters not one jot. Because they both brought back a ton of memories. I spent ages looking through them. I think I might turn them into books. Just to make them easier to look at in future.* I’m glad I did them.

But would one really turn a project, the 2012 effort, that is only two thirds completed into a book? That would be weird. So I think I’m just going to have to complete that collection. This year seems the ideal year to do it, seeing as 2016 is also a leap year. I’ll restart where I left off then, on June 19th.  I’ve revamped the old blog, put the 3six5 domain name back in its proper place and am ready to go. Hopefully this time I’ll get across the finish line.

* Truth be told, the blog format makes looking back at the shots hard work. It’s much easier to see them on Flickr – 365 and 366.


  • Hi Gary,
    My apologies that this is completely “off-topic”, but on my blog I just posted a quiz on lesser known museums in Mexico City. Since you are one of my readers most likely to recognize the photos, I thought I’d let you know.

    Your “365” project is really cool, but like Kim, I doubt that I would have the discipline to persevere with such a project.

  • Hola Gary!

    I like your photos, but I’ve always thought that something like a 365 project is a bit silly. Right? Simply because a day has passed you need to take and publish another photo? I’d have a hard time keeping up the enthusiasm. Photos seem like something that comes in waves — you get a slew of good ones, and then a stretch of shots that make you happy you’re shooting digital and not film.

    I took a look at the blog. If you don’t click through to the post, then it’s easy enough to see the photos quickly. Nice work!


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where the change of pace from Boston is beyond refreshing.

    • Hola Kim! I had wondered where you’d disappeared to. Clearly enjoying life in Mexico City. 🙂

      I hear what you are saying. It’s a forced effort to take a photo everyday, and there will be plenty of rubbish shots in there. From a purely photography/blogging point of view, it’s not a great exercise. But for building up a photographic record of a single year there is nothing to beat it. That 365 album from Mexico contains more memories for me than all the other albums combined. And that, I think, is the point.

      But once I’ve finished this once, I think that’ll be my last…

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