The Flickr Decade

In August 2006 I paid up for a Flickr Pro account. I’ve had a decade of use on the platform now, and still love it.  Since 2006 I’ve swapped cameras multiple times, changed blogging platforms a half dozen times but I’ve never found anything that is an improvement on Flickr. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s versatile and it looks great on any device.

It remains, imho, the finest online photographic display/storage solution currently available. I’ve said so for the last ten years. I hope to be saying so for the next ten years. Flickr (as part of Yahoo) has just been bought by Verizon, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

Over the last ten years I have uploaded 15,529 shots (or 61.46 gb of data) which have been viewed a grand total of 1,054,227 times. Here’s a random selection of ten of them. One for each year of my Flickr account.


  • I recently revived my long standing, but rarely used Flickr account. I’m gradually learning how ithe site works. I am hopeful that I can master it.

    This came about in disgusted reaction to Google Photos, which has replaced Picasa Web albums and my Picasa desktop app is rendered useless for uploading, although it still works to sort, organize and edit photos.

    I’m also dabbling with Pbase again, where I’ve had an account since 2001 or maybe even earlier. But it’s interface is too geekish and awkward to be efficient. So far, Flickr offers the best hope.

    Don Cuevas

    PS: the header photo is magnificent.

    • I think you’ve made the right choice in returning to the Flickr fold. But then, having read this post, you’d have known that….

      I try to avoid Google products outside of their main business. They rarely last.

      And thanks…I had that photo printed on to a big canvas. Which now resides down the back of a cupboard. Mrs P doesn’t share your opinion of it!

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